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About Us


Since its founding in 1960, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) has grown to become one of Thailand’s leading universities in science and engineering. Today, the Institute comprises 12 faculties, offering Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degree programs in diverse disciplines in science, engineering, information technology, and management. Internationally well-known for its research and innovation, the Institute is particularly proud of offering excellent academic standards combined with extensive facilities. Each faculty boasts specialized research centers and laboratories for cutting-edge research in various fields. As one of the largest science and engineering oriented universities in the country, KMITL has its main campus in Bangkok, conveniently located close to the main international airport of the country, and a large countryside campus in Chumphon, a seaside province in the south of Thailand.

With a vision of becoming a leader in science and engineering education in the region, the International College was established to provide international undergraduate and postgraduate programs to students from around the globe. The International College focuses on multidisciplinary programs, which are based on the strong experience of KMITL in science and technology as well as its unique expertise in other fields such as business and management. Moreover, the Institute, via exclusive collaborative programs (including collaborative degree programs, exchange programs for students and lecturers, international internships, and collaborative research projects), has gained valuable partnerships with leading universities around the world.


Gateway to professional success in the international arena


International College is an academic unit providing internationally recognized study programs, research, and academic services.

To fulfill its mission, the International College aims to

  • Provide international degree programs at bachelor, master, and doctoral levels with the highest academic standard
  • Produce graduates who are well prepared to work in national and international organizations or continue their studies at leading universities worldwide
  • Serve the industry by providing knowledge and expertise as advisors to both the government and the private sector
  • Collaborate closely with universities, research institutes and the private sector worldwide
  • Support the Institute to be a center of academic excellence on an international level.

Official Flower White Rose

Official Symbol The Infinity

Official Color Gray

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