The 6th Asian Conference on Intelligent
Information and Database Systems
April 7 - 9, 2014  ●  Bangkok, Thailand

Travel and Tourist Information

Visa Information

Thailand VISA information can be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Official Visa website. The followings are essential information from the site:

Visa Exemption

Tourist Visa Exemption

According to the Interior Ministerial Announcements dated 1 October B.E. 2545 (2002), 20 December B.E. 2545 (2002), 18 October B.E. 2547 (2004), 6 May B.E. 2548 (2005), and 23 June 2554 (2011), passport holders from 48 countries and 1 special administrative region - Hong Kong SAR - are not required to obtain a visa when entering Thailand for tourism purposes and will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom for a period of not exceeding 30 days on each visit. If such foreigners enter the Kingdom at the immigration checkpoints which border neighboring countries, they will be allowed to stay for 15 days each time, except Malaysian nationals who cross the borderline from Malaysia whose granted period of stay will not exceed 30 days each time.

Please note that Tourist Visa Exemption does not apply to foreigners holding Travel Document for Aliens issued by these countries.

Foreigners entering Thailand under the Tourist Visa Exemption category must possess adequate finances for the duration of stay in Thailand (i.e., cash 10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht per family).

  1. Australia : Commonwealth of Australia
  2. Austria : Republic of Austria
  3. Belgium : Kingdom of Belgium
  4. Brazil : Federative Republic of Brazil (****)
  5. Bahrain : State of Bahrain
  6. Brunei Darussalam : Negara Brunei Darussalam
  7. Canada
  8. Denmark : Kingdom of Denmark
  9. Finland : Republic of Finland
  10. France : French Republic
  11. Germany : Federal Republic of Germany
  12. Greece : Hellenic Republic
  13. Hong Kong : Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  14. Iceland : Republic of Iceland
  15. Indonesia : Republic of Indonesia
  16. Ireland : Republic of Ireland
  17. Israel : State of Israel
  18. Italy : Republic of Italy
  19. Japan
  20. Korea : Republic of Korea (****)
  21. Kuwait : State of Kuwait
  22. Luxembourg : Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  23. Malaysia
  24. Monaco : Principality of Monaco
  25. Netherlands : Kingdom of the Netherlands
  26. New Zealand
  27. Norway : Kingdom of Norway
  28. Oman : Sultanate of Oman
  29. Peru : Republic of Peru (****)
  30. Philippines : Republic of the Philippines
  31. Portugal : Republic of Portugal
  32. Qatar : State of Qatar
  33. Singapore : Republic of Singapore
  34. Spain : Kingdom of Spain
  35. South Africa : Republic of South Africa
  36. Sweden : Kingdom of Sweden
  37. Switzerland : Swiss Confederation
  38. Turkey : Republic of Turkey
  39. United Arab Emirates
  40. United Kingdom : United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  41. United States of America
  42. Vietnam : Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  43. Czech : Czech Republic
  44. Hungary : Republic of Hungary
  45. Liechtenstein : Principality of Liechtenstein
  46. Poland : Republic of Poland
  47. Slovak : Slovak Republic
  48. Slovenia : Republic of Slovenia

(****) Thailand holds bilateral agreements on visa exemption for holders of diplomatic, official and ordinary passports for a visit of not exceeding 90 days with Brazil, the Republic of Korea and Peru. Therefore, nationals of these 3 countries are exempted from visa requirements and are permitted to enter and stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 90 days.


Additional Countries with Agreements on Visa Exemption

I. List of Countries which have concluded agreements on the exemption of visa requirements for holders of diplomatic or official or service/special passports with Thailand and permitted to stay for a period of not exceeding 30 and 90 days

  • 30 Days
    1. Cambodia
    2. China
    3. Hong Kong SAR
    4. Laos
    5. Macau SAR
    6. Mongolia
    7. Myanmar
    8. Oman
    9. Vietnam
  • 90 Days
    1. Argentina 21. Nepal
    2. Austria 22. Panama
    3. Belgium 23. Peru
    4. Bhutan 24. The Philippines
    5. Brazil 25. Poland
    6. Chile 26. Romania
    7. Costa Rica 27. Russian Federation
    8.  Croatia 28. Singapore
    9.  Czech Republic 29. Slovak Republic
    10. Germany 30. South Africa
    11. Hungary 31. Switzerland (including Liechtenstein)
    12. India 32. Tunisia
    13. Israel 33. Turkey
    14. Italy 34.  Ukraine
    15.  Japan 35. Uruguay
    16. Korea : Republic of Korea 36. France (only diplomatic passport)
    17. Luxembourg 37. Spain (only diplomatic passport)
    18. Malaysia  
    19. Mexico  
    20. The Netherlands  

II. List of countries which have concluded agreements on the exemption of visa requirements for holders of ordinary passports with Thailand and permitted to stay for a period of not exceeding 14, 30 and 90 days.

  • 14 Days
    1. Cambodia
  • 30 Days
    1. Hong Kong SAR (***)
    2. Laos
    3. Macau SAR (***)
    4. Mongolia
    5. Russia
    6. Vietnam
  • 90 Days
    1. Argentina
    2. Brazil
    3. Chile
    4. Republic of Korea
    5. Peru

(***) According to the Agreements on Exemption of Visa Requirements between Thailand and Hong Kong SAR and between Thailand and Macau SAR, all types of Thai passports including diplomatic and offcial passports shall be exempted from visa requirements for a visit of not exceeding 30 days to Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR.

NB : Nationals of countries which hold Agreements on Visa Exemption Requirements with Thailand intending to work or stay in Thailand beyond the agreed bilateral arrangement must apply for an appropriate visa before entry into Thailand in order to submit the application for work or stay permit.


Visa on Arrival

According to the Interior Ministerial Announcements, passport holders from 28 countries and territories may apply for visas at the immigration checkpoints for the purpose of tourism for the period of not exceeding 15 days.

The applicant must possess means of living expenses at the amount of 10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht per family accordingly.

The applicant must possess a passport with at least six-month validity and must present full paid ticket which is usable within 15 days since the date of entry

Visa on arrival is provided at 24 designated international checkpoints and applicants should submit the application form duly filled out and to which his/her recent photograph (4 x 6 cm) is attached. The application fee is 1,000 Baht.

Visitors who enter the Kingdom with Visa on Arrival generally cannot file an application for extension of stay except in special cases such as illness which prevents them from travelling, etc. They can submit an application at the Office of Immigration Bureau, Immigration Division 1, Government Center B, Chaengwattana Soi 7, Laksi, Bangkok 10210. Tel 0-2141-9889 or at website

List of countries and territories is as follows :

  1. Bhutan : Kingdom of Bhutan
  2. China : People’s Republic of China
  3. Cyprus : Republic of Cyprus
  4. Czech : Czech Republic
  5. Estonia : Republic of Estonia
  6. Hungary : Republic of Hungary
  7. India : Republic of India
  8. Kazakhstan : Republic of Kazakhstan
  9. Latvia : Republic of Latvia
  10. Liechtenstein : Principality of Liechtenstein
  11. Lithuania : Republic of Lithuania
  12. Maldives : Republic of Maldives
  13. Mauritius : Republic of Mauritius
  14. Oman : Sultanate of Oman
  15. Poland : Republic of Poland
  16. Russian Federation
  17. Saudi Arabia : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  18. Slovakia : Slovak Republic
  19. Slovenia : Republic of Slovenia
  20. Uzbekistan
  21. Ukraine
  22. Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
  23. Taiwan
  24. Bulgaria
  25. Andorra
  26. Malta
  27. Romania
  28. San Marino

List of Thailand’s Immigration Checkpoints which provide facilities for issuance of visa on arrival:

  1. Suvarnabhumi Airport
  2. Don Muang International Airport , Bangkok
  3. Chiangmai International Airport, Chiangmai
  4. Phuket International Airport, Phuket
  5. Hatyai International Airport, Songkhla
  6. U Tapao Airport, Rayong
  7. Mae Sai Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
  8. Chieng Saen Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
  9. Chieng Khong Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
  10. Betong Immigration Checkpoint, Yala
  11. Sadoa Immigration Checkpoint, Songkhla
  12. Samui Airport, Surat Thani
  13. Sukhothai International Airport
  14. Tak Immigration Checkpoint
  15. Bangkok Harbour Immigration Checkpoint, Bangkok
  16. Sri Racha Immigration Checkpoint, Chonburi
  17. Mabtaput Immigration Checkpoint, Rayong
  18. Nong Khai Immigration Checkpoint, Nong Khai
  19. Samui Immigration Checkpoint, Surat Thani
  20. Phuket Immigration Checkpoint, Phuket
  21. Satun Immigration Checkpoint, Satun
  22. Krabi Immigration Checkpoint, Krabi
  23. Songkhla Harbour Immigraion Checkpoint, Songkhla
  24. Chiangrai Airport Immigration Checkpoint, Chiangrai
  25. Surat Thani Airport Immigration Checkpoint , Surat Thani


Getting to the conference venue

Bangkok is served by two international airports: the main airport, named Suvarnabhumi Airport (IATA Code: BKK), located about 20 km. to the east, and Don Mueang International Airport (IATA Code: DMK), located about 20 km. to the north of Bangkok.

The venue of the conference is at the Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21, a luxurious hotel conveniently located at the junction between Sukhumvit Road and Ratchadapisek Road in the central business district of Bangkok.

From Suvarnabhumi Airport to the conference venue

1. By Airport Limousines

The service is provided by Airport Authority of Thailand. The airport limousines service charges by distance based on the car type.

The travelling distance between the airport and the hotel should be around 45 km.

Alternatively, you may contact the hotel for a limousine service provided by the hotel with extra charges.

2. By Taxi

There is a taxi rank on the 1st Floor, Gates 4 and 7, of the Terminal Building. The fare is according to the distance plus the airport fee (50 THB) and expressway tolls. It should cost approximately 10 – 15 USD to the hotel, depending on the traffic condition. The taxi rank is organized by the airport. Do not use the taxis parking outside the rank.

3. By Airport Shuttle Rail Service

If you do not have many luggage you may try the convenient Airport Rail Link.

From the airport, there are two alternative routes to get to the hotel:

3.1 Alight the Airport train at Makkasan Station and transfer to the MRT underground train for Sukhumvit Station.

This is a shorter route but luggage checks at the MRT station are required.

3.2 Alight the Airport train at Phaya thai Station and transfer to the BTS sky train for Asok Station.

From Don Mueang International Airport to the conference venue

The most convenient way to travel from Don Mueang Airport to the conference venue is by taxi. The airport taxi rank is located along the arrival platform in Terminal 1 (1st Floor at entrance No. 8). The fare is according to the distance plus the airport fee (50 THB) and expressway tolls. It should cost approximately 12 – 17 USD to the hotel, depending on the traffic condition. The taxi rank is organized by the airport. Do not use the taxis parking outside the rank.

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