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Examiners' recommendations

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Examiners' recommendations
by Natthapong Jungteerapanich - Saturday, 27 July 2013, 1:16 AM

Dear all students who have given the final internship presentation on 26 July,

For all 5 teams (VOSSCA, Kinect, PEA, TOT, SAG), the examiners request that you revise your internship report according to the following guideline:

1. For each team, merge the reports by all members in the team into one copy.

2. Clearly explain in the report:
2.1 The architecture of the software you developed. Describe the components of your software (possibly in a top-down fashion) and the name of the source code file that contains the implementation of each component.
2.2 The tasks completed by each team member (i.e. Who did what). Also state which component(s) in the software a team member implemented.
2.3 In the code listing, list the code written by each team member (separate the code listing into sections, one section for each team member). Do not include a file that does not contain the code written by your team in the listing.

3. Each team is required to submit an electronic copy of your team's report in .pdf on Moodle by Wed 31 July, 14.00. Also create a CD/DVD containing your report (preferably, in both .pdf and .docx) and all your source code files and other resources (such as images, models, data files, …) and hand it to Khun Nat Pensiri or Aj. Natthapong by Wed 31 July, 14.00 (one disc per team). A hardcopy print-out of your report is not needed.